Toggle on/off use of ANSI Joins

I just upgraded to When I join tables in Query Builder and then look at the query its defining the join differently than the previous version. A RIGHT OUTER JOIN now shows up as *=. I found an old posting on forum suggesting, “There is a sticky button on the Query Builder tool bar. It is labeled Use ANSI Joins. Use this toggle to change the behavior.” I do not see a button to change this format.

Does anyone know how to toggle this setting ON/OFF in version 2.7?

The Ansi join sticky button is still available on the Query Builder toolbar. See screenshot. This is available for Oracle and SQL Server connections. What type of connection are you using?


I do not have this sticky button available on my Query Builder toolbar (see screenshot). I’m using SQL Server connection

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MWSnap 2010-11-04, 13_06_23.png

What is your connection type?

Connection type is SQL Server with windows authentication. If this is not it, then I’m not sure exactly what you are looking for.

Playing around a bit I disconnected the server and reconnected and the sticky button showed up. However, when I click on Query builder it disappears again.

MWSnap 2010-11-04, 15_38_58.png

It appears that the ANSI button enables for SQL Server 2008 but not 2005. And 2005 is only using the ANSI Sql joins. This is not an intended outcome. I have entered CR79,597.

Thanks for brining this to my attention. It will be fixed in our next Beta.


We are currently on SQL Server 2000 but making upgrade to 2008 soon. I will probably go back to TDA version 2.6 until there is a fix. Even though there is no ANSI button in 2.6 either, for some reason 2.6 defaults to non ANSI which I prefer.

Thanks for your quick responses.