Tool Bar Configuration Not Being Saved when Existing TOAD Beta (17.1.601)

Installed Latest Beta (17.1.601) and opened it,
and the first thing I saw was several Tool Bars showing that I don't want,

so I right click and uncheck them so they are now hidden/not showing...

Then at the end closed/exited TOAD.

But when restarted TOAD the tools bars are back...
Am I missing something... I repeated the for the 17.0 Prod version and works fine...

I tested with ONLY the beta TOAD running.
and did look to a Save tool bars button. but did not see it...

and I have Auto-Save current Desktop check in the config options.

Hi Sean,

We are looking into this. Thanks for reporting

Think it might have been issue for last couple of Beta's.

should be fixed in Monday's beta