Toad 14 -resets toolbars on every new connection

I turn off and move tool bars around, then lock them, but any new connection will reset the tool bars.

Is this a feature that I can disable? If so, where?
If it's a bug, is there an update/patch?

Do you mean Editor toolbars? If so, looks like Editor isn't writing its bar configuration out to disk immediately. It does so on close. If this is a fresh install and you modified your Editor bars in the first editor instance to open then closing it first will save the layout and it will be used for every new Editor.

Yes, I did mean the editor toolbars, sorry about leaving that out.
Shutting down and restarting appears to have done it.
Is there a way to force saving of tool bar layout without closing?

Yes, close the Editor. That will save the configuration out and subsequent openings of Editor will use the saved config.