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I hate excessive toolbars. There, I said it :slight_smile:

I take my screen real estate to extremes - if it’s not something I use on a regular basis, I don’t want to see it. Simple, right?

Except that, in TDA 3.1, I cannot get the “Standard” toolbar to stay gone. Normally this is just a minor annoyance, but today I’m stuck using my laptop with no external display and I have a really tiny screen - so space is very much at a premium.

I can right click and un-check the “Standard” tool bar from the pop-up menu and it will disappear, but as soon as I change tabs - bam! It’s back again.

Needless to say, I want it to stay gone. I do not understand why these customization options exist if they won’t stick…

And since we’re on the subject of toolbars - I want to remove the one at the bottom that has the “Tutorial / Open SQL / Run SQL” etc. buttons. Thanks, but I know how to use TDA, I don’t need a giant toolbar that takes up space to remind me, especially since I use keyboard shortcuts most of the time anyway.

Is there any way to get rid of these two and make sure they stay gone?

Go to tools | Configuration Wizard. Choose the Toad for Oracle layout (or any other non-TDA layout). This will get rid of the standard toolbar with text and the bottom Wizard bar. From there you can right click on the toolbar area and select which toolbars to show all of the time.


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