Trace File Browser and Deadlocks Foible

Afternoon All,

I’m afraid I may have broken the trace file browser in Toad Sorry! I’ve found the following:

  • TFB appears to stop reading the trace file when it finds a deadlock. My file actually has 23 deadlocks in it. (Yes, I know, the duhvelopers have been severely chastised!) The highest execution line for any statement never gets past the first occurrence of “DEADLOCK DETECTED” in the trace file.
  • There isn’t any data in the Deadlock tab on the lower part of the TFB.
  • There is valid trace data beyond some of the deadlocks.

I think that when a deadlock is detected, the end of the deadlock data can be found by scanning for “Attempting to break deadlock by signaling ORA-00060” followed by a line with one space in it. (That’s what I’m doing in TraceMiner2.)

I have a trace file that I can let you have, let me know if it’s necessary. It’s large though, 35.82Mb uncompressed, 773,974 lines. Compressed it’s only 2.75 MB in zip format.

I did try to see if this was the case with the demo deadlock trace file mentioned in what used to be but the new format of ToadWorld has broken all the old stuff. :frowning:

Norm. [TeamT]

Hi Norm,

Yes, please send me the file. Thanks.


Sent privately John.


Thanks Norm. FIxed for next beta.