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Analyse Deadlock tracefile

Is there a possibility to analyse deadlock trace files within Toad for Oracle?
I can find the Trace File Browser in Database -> Diagnose
But when I load a trace file containing a deadlock there is nothing shown but the file content in tab "File Header"
I would like to see at least the deadlock statements / objects and a most common reason without inspecting the file in detail.
My current version is

Kind regards!

If it is a regular trace file (tracing a session) when a deadlock occurred, the deadlock should be highlighted in the file.

If it is a separate trace file that Oracle created as a result of the deadlock, then no, we don't have any special handling for those files, sorry. But if you send me your file, I might be able to add that for the next version.


Yes it is a separate trace file created after the deadlock was detected. I'll sent you a copy of that file at your given email address.

Kind regards