Data Pump Export Wizard in TOAD

I am new to the TOAD interface.

   I would like to export tables from one DB and import them into another. I plan to use Data Pump Export / Import Wizard in TOAD.

  I have toad 9.1 installed on WINDOWS XP and I connect to the UNIX BOX(DB server) using Oracle Client.

  I know the data pump process from command line ie $expdp and $impdp.

  However I do not have direct access to the UNIX BOX ie the HOST hence would like to use TOAD to do the job.

I would like to know what is the process for this.

  How different is it from using data pump from command line.........Using TOAD where would we create the DATAPUMP DIRECTORY?

  Can I do it on the local machine?

  Basically I would like to know the export/import process using TOAD...with no direct acess to the UNIX BOX.

 Thanks in advance.

You can use datapump on the local machine but…
catch didn’t ya?

… but your client install needs to have the appropriate executable

For example, I’ve got multiple clients installed on my system. In the
CLI10gR2USR install, I’m missing such tools as tkprof and the datapump
executables. However, in the WEB10gR2 install, those tools are available.

I haven’t actually used datapump yet so I’m not sure if I have the
executable defined correctly, but the one I think you’re looking for is

Roger S.