Toad Datamodel Installer Needs Fixed

The time to fix the Toad Data Modeler installer is long past due. I mentioned this problem back in the 4.x versions and yet the problem remains. An upgrade from to looses all of the settings and path information forcing the user to spend a significant amount of time fixing the install to get back to a productive environment. The release notes do not make this problem easily known prior to the install. The inability of a user to install an upgrade and rapidly return to productivity has a very negative impact on the perception of the product and its quality.

Hello Alan,

configuration settings can be copied when the newer version is started for the first time.


And the next version 5.2 will contain Export/Import settings feature:




I did go through the first dialogue you mentioned and selected the prior 5.x install. The second dialogue you display did not appear and none of the path information from the prior install was preserved. This will be a welcome addition. One question though, the upgrade instructions with the current release tell the user to upgrade by installing to the same location as the previous install. Will taking this path (install in the previous location) for an upgrade cause us to loose what you hope to gain from the import/export dialogue?



Hello Alan,

Back to your problem loosing the settings and paths. Again, sorry for this.
There were several things that could have happened to you.
We’ve checked the TDM versions. There were and TDM Commercial versions, v. was TDM BETA version. Maybe you had commercial v. and BETA v. on your PC and installed v. and:

Scenario 1 - installed the new version to the same directory as v., which meant that v. was uninstalled automatically. When you could select from more configurations, you probably selected the “wrong” one (different from the previous TDM version).

Scenario 2 - installed the new version to another directory than for v., which meant you did side-by-side installation. During first run, the configuration of v. was not offered (or you would have to copy it from installed TDM). You either selected a new configuration or another, in any case not the one of v.

Scenario 3 - you installed the new version to BETA directory, which was not a good idea. BETA was not uninstalled, only some files replaced and it worked as in scenario 2.

To sum up: To upgrade TDM (commercial - commercial, not Beta)

  1. Install the new version to the same directory as of the previous version.
  2. During the first run, select the third option - see the Vaclav’s screenshot: “Use configuration of Uninstalled TDM” + from the combo-box select the installation of the previous TDM version

Note on default path:
TDM BETA is installed:
32-bit Windows— C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler - Beta
64-bit Windows— C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler - Beta

Commercial TDM is installed:
32-bit Windows— C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler 5.1
64-bit Windows— C:\Program Files (x86)\Quest Software\Toad Data Modeler 5.1

Please see the TDM Install Guide for the details about the upgrade and side-by-side installation.

Import/Export buttons in Settings | Options (will be available in next TDM 5.2)
After you install the new TDM 5.2, you can simply click Import and TDM offers you:
Import from Folder
Import from Other Installation - If you select this one, you will be able to select from all available configurations - still being used or even uninstalled and also of BETA.

Hope this info helps.

Have a nice day.

Vladka & TDM Team