trial version trouble

I installed the trial version of the sql optimizer and it keeps askingme for a site message when I try to optimize a file.

I already have Toad with a full license.

Is SQL Optimizer clashing with Toad? What do I need to do?

Just to add more to this, I noticed the splash screen says the license expired on 26-sep-2007, that is yesterday!

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Hi Costa,

I have answered your other thread of the same question and here is what I have posted in the other thread for your quick reference:

If you don’t have a valid key or if your key expired, the product will pompt you to enter key whenever you try to optimize (or perform other major functions). You will have to enter a valid key in order to continue. Alternatively, you can click on Help | Authorization to prompt the Product Authorization window to enter key at any time.

Note that the product can be enabled by different key types. First you will need to select the correct key type according to the type of key you have. Then enter the Authorization Key and the Site Message (the Site Message may be optional depending on the type of key you have selected). Once you have a valid key entered, you should have no problem using the optimization function.

Another thing to note is that the Trial verion only accepts Trial Key. So if you have a Production Key, you won’t be able to use it in the Trial version. If you need help to obtain a Trial Key, please contact the Quest representative and they will be able to help you.

Hope this resolved your issue. Let me know if you have further questions.


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Hi there, I have a trial version of Toad for Oracle 2018. If I install all of the available add-ons such as SQL Optimizer and Data Modeler, if I decide to continue using the trial license beyond the 30 days, does that mean I’ll have to upgrade to Toad for Oracle Xpert since that includes SQL Optimizer?

If I want to continue using the product beyond 30 days and just the Base Edition, what add-ons would be automatically disabled/removed upon the purchase of a permanent license (if a purchase is even required for the Base edition)? I’m a single user and didn’t know why I was being given the option to install these products unless these are limited use/freeware products anyway. Thank you!

Hello rads2525,

You don’t need to upgrade to Xpert edition. You can upgrade to any commercial edition.

Please see the link below (PDF) where is mentioned what is included in different editions of Toad for Oracle suite.

The trial version provides the maximum functionality which we provide with our products to test how useful and powerful it can be. This is our approach. You can then decide to use just functionality which you need and not all the advanced features.
You can also ask then for e.g. a Base edition trial key and check if is it sufficient for you.

Please contact our sales team for more info at