Trim and union between 2 data sets

I am trying to use just the first 4 values and then add a data set to it, but I am not sure exactly how to write the code for that or if there is a tool that will be able to do this for me. I believe I need to use TRIM and UNION, but not haven’t much luck doing so.

Basically it the code looks like this in another program, but not sure how it is written in Toad.


Example: 2000B = 2000 + 11 = 200011



*Note my end goal is making an excel export that Auto-Cad program can use through an ODBC link

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I got the first part working with this:

MID([racks.r_label], 1, 4)

Now I am just trying put this part together with the other data column to be a single column

I am missing where you want to do this. Do you want to accomplish this in SQL? And if so, what database type are you talking about?

If you are trying to do this with VB in Access perhaps there are some other Access Power Users out there that could help?

I got it figured sorta now for the most part. I want to do this in Toads Data Analyst Query Editor and I am not using Access and using Toad Editor just having issues, since using this Code:

, MID([racks.r_label], 1, 4)+ rack_config.rc_bin_label

which works and gives me what I want, but only issue I got now is why wont the Query, after editing it with the code, able to use the Diagrams to put more tables into it after I had joined two tables together in query editor kind of annoying that the basic part of checking of the data tables to add to the report just stops working and now I have to write code to input the rest of the data tables.

Unless I botched up how I am suppose to write code for Toad

Pretty much If anyone knows a post, link or somewhere I can see some examples of code in Query Editor for Toad or the “Where conditions” on how to get those things working that would be great, so like " IF,AND,THEN,TRIM,MID,LeftTrim" statements I’m not sure how these are exactly suppose to be written in Toad Analyst Query Editor as in format.

But maybe this Software just isn’t set up for it, since do like some other parts like getting easy charts and data off, but when I can’t write simple code without everything else botching up then maybe not the software I need, but maybe it is sensitive in format, which is why I am wondering if anyone knows of somewhere I can find SQL statements/code examples?

Oh and not connecting to really Data base just a base/flat file from Microsoft Excel that I have typed data into then connected to it from an ODBC link.

The syntax to use for manipulating columns is available in two places.

  1. You can use the Code Snippets from the View menu. This is a collection of functions and string formats grouped by database type. If you double click on the template it will be placed into the editor and you can fill in. At the bottom of each snippet is a link to the source help file. Here you can learn a lot about what is available.

  2. If you are using the Query Builder you can click on the formula tab of the where condition editor. Here it will list the most common functions for the current connection type.

I’m not sure what happened when you say you cannot add anymore tables to the diagram. If you have been manually typing into the editor tab you should push the ‘Visualize’ button to sync up your changes to the diagram. Perhaps this is what occurred.

Also, we are on version 2.6 and whatever you have run into may have been fixed. But as you describe it, I do not recognize the issue.