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Trouble Querying from Oracle where data NOT EXISTS in Excel




              FROM EXCEL_FILE)

I cannot access the Excel data. If I try to double click on the excel data source, it will open a new editor window and if I try to just put in the excel file name, it says that the table or view does not exist. Is this type of query possible?


I am new to TDA and would like to create a query to select data from an oracle table where similar data does not exist in an excel file. I have created the appropriate connections and am able to query from each table. When I open an editor and try to type the following:


I forgot to mention that I am using Oracle 11g, Excel 2007 and I just upgraded to TDA 2.7.


You can query two different database types in the same query only from the Query Builder. Make a connection to both sources. Then open the Query builder and drag on one table. Then change the current connection to the other connection and drag on the other table. Then manually create your joins by dragging one column to the other in the diagram. And filter criteria.



I sent a post earlier on how to set up a heterogeneous query. If you are using Oracle 11G you will need to go to your connection properties and in the Advanced tab choose the ODBC driver that is bundled with your 11G client. ODBC is used to query two different databases in one query. By default we use the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle. And that does not work for 11G. I assume you have a client installed?