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Trying to copy ORDIMAGE data type from one schema to another. TFO 12.10 currently doesn't support it, Is it possible


I am attempting to copy a table from one schema to another. The source table contains the Oracle Multimedia ORDIMAGE type. Tables are in different database.  I understand Toad for Oracle doesn't support this kind of data right now, and I wonder if there is a chance to submit this as an improvement for newer versions of Toad for Oracle.


This is supported as long as you are in the same database.   I've tried to code this a few different ways, and I always get errors when trying to copy from one DB to the other.   I think it's because the underlying TYPE is different (even if its code is the same, it's a different object).  

Try it with data pump.   The easiest way is:

 1) connect to the target DB.

 2) In Toad, go to Options -> Executables.  Make sure you have the executable specified for both Export Pump and Import Pump.

 3) Create a DB Link on the target DB that points back to the source.

 4) In Toad, go to Database -> Import -> Data Pump Import

   4a) Set it to "Tables"

   4b) Type in the table name on the ITEMS tab and click Add.

   4c)  On the Params tab, specify the database link.

   4d)  On the files tab, specify a parameter file name (including a path to the file)

   4e) Also on the files tab, specify a Log file name (NOT including a path)

Then click the green triangle at the top to run it.