Unable to access Installation Files

Trying to install trial version of TOAD for Oracle. ToadforOracleXpertEdition_101R2.exe on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise x64 Edition Service Pack 2 getting the following error message. After accepting the license agreement and clicking next I get the message Unable to access Installation Files. While attempting to access the installation files an error has occured. I have enough disk space on the drive and have the runas option of run with restricted access unchecked. Any ideas?

I believe if you check the product data sheet off the Quest web page –
that not all products in the toad bundles are supported on all the same
operating systems – and a good example would be something may not be
“certified” for Windows 2003 64-bit. Si I’d start with a check
there – then I’d call tech support because many vendors’ PC
based tools don’t install on server versions of Windows without minor
hitches J