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Unable to execute Toad

Hi Guys,

I am having trouble while opening Toad 11.

Please find the error code below, If anyone could help me that would be great!!


1.1 Start Date : Mon, 22 Aug 2016 13:36:08 +0900
1.2 Name/Description: Toad.exe - (Toad for Oracle)
1.3 Version Number :
1.6 Up Time : 5 second(s)


2.2 Address : 00477574
2.3 Module Name: Toad.exe - (Toad for Oracle)
2.5 Type : EReadError
2.6 Message : Invalid stream format.
2.7 ID : 2DD20000
2.11 Sent : 0

Thanks in advance!


The older versions sometimes had problems with the ToadActions.dat file (it’s in your user files folder). Try renaming that file while Toad is not running, and then start Toad again. You’ll lose whatever actions you created in the automation designer, but hopefully that won’t be a big deal.

I did try the renaming of the ToadAction.dat file. but it did not resolve the issue.

So I tried reinstalling the Toad. Then I reopened Toad and it worked.

Thanks for your reply