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Unable to save changed formatter settings


I’m currently on Toad Beta

When I try to save changed formatter settings I’m encountering the following the issue:
20170804 error saving formatter settings.png

It happened several times, but when I minimize the number of actions before saving,
I am lucky enough to save changed settings, one at a time…

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Go to Options -> Executables and set valid paths for those fields.


Thanks for the quick response!

In the end I was able to save my changed settings by minimizing the number of clicks between opening the formatter settings panel and saving the data.

The more roundabout behavior (clicking around trying to find what I need) is typical for me but results in the error message.
I reported the issue, thinking you might want to fix the error since it is annoying, even though there’s a simple workaround.

Kind regards,