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Toad-12.5 formatter behavior changed (again)

You guys drive me crazy!
With each new Toad version you change the formatter behavior so that it is hard to track changes in the SQL files over a longer period of time.
Is it really only me being pissed off by this?

You are not the only person. We started a project earlier this year due to such feedback to investigate how to best resolve this issue. I don’t have anything to report yet other than we are working on it …

Thank you to stabilize the formatter behaviour and fiability. Sometimes it works, somtimes not and somtimes it hangs. Depending on toad versions…

You are not alone in this anguish world ThomasP

I am having the same problem. Since I upgraded to the latest TOAD DataPoint version (4.0) the SQL formatter mis-interpret my saved preferences and I cannot figure how to make it behave like it did with the previous version. It seems like some default, unchangeable rules have been introduced.

Here we all understand that formatter behavior changes (both new functionality and bug fixes) are not welcome in the context of change management. Those are conflicting goals. And our competition doesn’t sure do any better.

The good news is that we’re working (short term) on a way to let you pick and use an older version of the formatter, in order to keep a constant behavior. And at any time you will be able to upgrade to the latest the greatest version at the moment you see fit.


Thanks for that information Andre, this is really good news!


don’t forget to add the formatter version to the auto generated comment (additionally or instead of toad version…)