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Unable to see instant client and connect in TOAD


DBaas 12.2

Instant Client: 12.2 for 64bit

We are connecting to our Oracle Cloud database, using Instant Client.

This has been working well for months since I installed Instant lient and suddenly this morning, I get the error message: "c:\oracle\instantclient_12_2" does not exist (see image below)

  • Instant client has been installed appropriately C:\Oracle\instantclient_12_2
  • PATH variable has been set up appropriately
    I've already removed and re-installed Instant Client. I'm hoping I won't have to re-install Toad. Is there anything else that I should be checking that might have got corrupted?

Thanks for the help



After some more digging, I found that I was missing the system Variable TNS_ADMIN and have now set that to the path of my instant client.

However, I am still not able to connect - the message is sqlnet.ora file could not be located. Why is it looking for a .ora file if I am connecting with Isntant Client? We have a cloud database....

I would disregard the “does not exist” and the message that sqlnet.ora could not be located for now. Looking at the code for Toad’s connection error advice it could use a little tweaking when you’re using direct connect like that.

The ORA-12170 error is what I would focus on. Did you try tnsping? It seems that there is a problem getting to the database. Can you connect with SQL*Plus?


Thank you Michael, we’ve just figured out that it’s a firewall issue. I couldn’t connect to our database via SQL Developer either.