Unable to see Object Explorer or Navigation Manager in 3.4 version

when I click on View - Object Explorer or View - Object Navigation Manager nothing happens. Please advise ASAP.


What is your layout currently like? Can you send me a screenshot?

How can I attach file or cut and paste a screenshot? please advise.

If you want to embed an image, click on the “Use Rich formatting”. Then choose the insert media button and point to png. If you want to attach a file click on the “Use Rich formatting” and then chose the Options tab as shown below.


What happens when you select View | Code Snippets? Do you get a docked window then? also, you might try

  1. going to About Box

  2. click on app data dir and leave windows explorer open

  3. Close TDP

  4. Go to wndows explorer and rename the app data dir

  5. restart toad.

This gets red of any layout files that might be causing this issue. You can import your connections back from the old app data dir.

One more thing, check your desktop settings options and make sure they look like this.

thank you so much Debbie. My Desktop Setting Options look like you have suggested. Code Snippets are docked. Best regards

could you please advise on what I need to be renaming in the app data dir

Rename the whole app data dir. Make sure and do this when TDP is shut down. Do this to see if it resolves things. Then you can use the Import Connections action to import your list of connections. There are too many files related to layout to rename manually.

It seemed like it worked! Thank you Debbie!!!