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[TDP 3.8 - Automation] Can I Kill The Navigation Manager?

Pretty please?

I already have the Connection Manager and the Object Explorer open - that provides everything I need - I don’t need nor want the Navigation Manager, and it’s incredibly aggravating when it pops up every time I move around an automation script.

This has been bugging me a lot longer than TDP 3.8, but I just finally had enough tonight.

My connection manager and object explorer are inside of my navigation manager and stays out of my way docked on the left.

What does yours look like? If you click on the x in the right corner of the Navigation manager it will go away. The menu View/Naviagation Manager will bring it back.


I don’t want the Navigation Manager at all is the problem - I’m honestly not sure why it exists, when I can have the Connection Manager and the Object Explorer like so:

And under normal usage, this is fine and I don’t have any issues.

Where the problem comes up is if I open an automation script that already exists, and then select any kind of activity that connects to a database (such as ‘Select to File’) - then the Navigation Manager forces it’s way on to my screen like so:

TDP 3.8 CM OE NM.png

And yes, while I’m aware I can close it, it immediately re-opens if I move on to another ‘Select to File’ activity within the automation script - some of my scripts have 10 or more of these activities, and having to close the Navigation Manager each and every single time because it won’t stay closed is aggravating.


That is annoying.! You may want to do what I did so the navigation manager is always there and so can’t repeatedly push in when you are building an automation script. I agree you should not have to do that but I could not stand how many times that navigation manager would keep popping up and intruding into my workspace. I give a limited amount of space for the connection manager and object explorer on the left and I want it to stay that way. You are losing real estate for something you already have open, it does not even help you. [:@]

On the options drop down there is a Configuration Wizard. Choose any of the other canned configurations, Toad for Oracle, SS Management Studio, etc. They all do not use the Navigation manager. It will still be available from the View menu but you won’t be part of the default layout.

Hi Debbie,

I tried this - brand new install of TDP 3.8 on Windows 7 x64 with a brand new automation script written from scratch in TDP 3.8 on Windows 7 x64.

As I typically do, I develop the automation scripts on my local machine first, save them to a network share, and then RDP into our automation host machines, open the scripts in TDP and then schedule them.

On both installs of TDP 3.8 I had done as you suggested - I ran the Configuration Wizard and instead of choosing “Custom” like I normally do, I instead chose “Toad for Oracle” (as I use that quite frequently as well).

Created my automation script, saved it, and as soon as I opened it on the other machine and clicked the “Select to File” activity, what should appear but the @#$&% Navigation Manger.

So it doesn’t appear that this solution works…

This seems to work for me. Open up your options and look at the Environment | Desktops page. What is selected. Maybe you have the options set to not say the layout when you close. i have the top three on the right checked only.

The options of 'Save configuration when leaving it', 'Toolbars and menu customizations', and 'Docked tool windows' are all checked for the 'Toad for Oracle' desktop configuration on both machines:

Then I am not sure how to reproduce. I would suggest renaming your appDataDir and restart the app. This would reinitialize the settings. You will need to import your connections and go through the configuration wizard again. But this might unstick the layout issue.