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Unable to see Object Explorer when losing a secondary monitor


I’ve been working with my laptop in a dual monitor setup (primary monitor on the right, secondary on the left) and, during that time, I relocated (floating) Object Explorer to the monitor on the left, and kept Toad main window in the monitor on the right.

Today I took my laptop to a customer’s site (no dual monitor there), opened Toad and found that I was unable to see Object Explorer. Pressing F8 made no difference, nor pressing alt+space (those panels don’t seem to have the standard window menu, as panels in Visual Studio, for instance, do). It appears that the only way to move that panel is using the mouse, but I have no way to do that.

Am I missing something here or there isn’t really a way to do what I’m trying to do?

Thank you.



Hi mprost,

Maybe you can try this.

  1. Click Help -> About -> click the ‘Application Data Directory’

  2. Close Toad.

  3. Rename folder ‘Session’

  4. Launch Toad.

  5. Click View ->Object Explorer to open it.



Thank you for your quick reply.

That works, you lose some of your customizations (location of Connection Manager, for example) but that’s better that completely losing access to the panel. BTW, I’ve noticed that you also lose access to the panel if its window bar is drawn outside of the screen (i.e., you see part of the panel but you’re unable to move it because you can’t click on its title bar). This can happen if you use a monitor that has a lower resolution that the one you previously used and you left the panel at some coordinates that don’t exist in the new monitor.

Maybe you can consider making sure the coordinates exist in the current monitor setup before drawing a panel there?

Thank you.

In my opinion, this should be considered a bug in the save/restore position feature and not a new feature request. While storing the last coordinates of a window is very nice, the window should not be restored to an invalid set of coordinates if the configuration changes after the save.