Unable to view Tablespaces in 6.3


During the creation of a new index, I go to the ‘Storage’ tab to assign a tablespace for the new index.

However, our list of Tablespaces has suddenly shrunk to one. I can see the and one other option. This happens on all our pc’s running 6.3

Is there a setting that is restricting this list?

When I click on Tablespaces in DB Navigator, I get the following error:
14:17:56 Oracle Query: FieldAsInteger: List index out of bounds (-1) - Index out of bounds


  1. Create the index in the default tablespace
  2. Extract the ddl, drop and recreate the index in the correct tablespace. (INDEXES)
  3. When I view the index, it correctly show the tablespace as INDEXES


I just read the Version 6.3.0 Know Issues document that states:

"When connecting to a database with ‘Enable DBA view’ checkbox selected in login window, and having ‘Retrieve tablespace usage info’ ON in the Session preferences, you might get ‘List index out of bound’ error when expanding tablespace node in the DB Navigator.

*Work around: Turn off the ‘Retrieve tablespace usage info’ option."
*I have now turned ‘Enable DBA view’ ON and I’m able to view all my tablespaces. *’*Retrieve tablespace usage info’ has never been ON.

If I am correct, then I suggest the Known Issues document wording is updated to include the following:
*1. Work around: Turn OFF the ‘Retrieve tablespace usage info’ option and turn ON the Enable DBA View option.
*2. Inform that there’s an issue with the list of tablespaces generated on the storage tabs as a result of this.


Hi Annelize

I am a little confused in what you have written about this issue, you may need to give me some more information.

Currently all my testing has indicated that you get this error when ‘Enable DBA View’ is ON in the login window and ‘Retrieve tablespace usage info’ is ON in the Session preferences.

Are you saying this is not the case for you?

Can you please explain to me under what conditions you get the list index out of bounds error.


Hi Annelize,

The 6.3.1 patch has changes to fix this issue.

You can download 6.3.1 from the below link:
http://sqlnavigator.inside.quest.com/shares/sqlnavigator/sbin/GA/6.3.1/SQL_Navigator_for_Oracle_6_3_1_Commercial.zip (download size about 133MB)
It is the full installer which can be upgraded ontop or installed side by side with previous releases.

v6.3.1 patch will be released on our Support Link site soon, and it is available on request. The patch fixed the following items:

  • The data grid could not handle large dataset, and Exporting large number of rows and when export finishes, SQL Navcloses.

  • Formatter: formats wrong after the package/procedure separator

  • Request to support User Profile with TNS_ADMIN=%USERPROFILE%

  • Issue with tab chars and executing a selected SQL.

  • SQL*Plus command highlight were broken (Regression 6.2)

  • Nav 6.2.1 does not return “single row subquery returns more than onerow”

  • Error with opening Tablespaces node

Thanks and regards,
SQL Navigator team

Updated the correct file download link

Hi Lidia

Thank you for your message and apologies for the confusing post

I have been getting these errors when ‘Retrieve tablespace usage info’ is ON and ‘Enable DBA View’ is OFF as well.

However, thank you for the patch (especially for the "Nav 6.2.1 does not return “single row subquery returns more than one row” fix. )
We are currently downloading it.


Lidia, the link in your post http://sqlnavigator.inside.quest.com/shares/sqlnavigator/sbin/Temp/6.3.1/SQLNavigator_for_Oracle_6.3.1_Commercial.zip
to download the patch takes me to a ‘HTTP Error 404 - File or directory not found.’ page.

Hi Annelize,

Sorry that the file upload had some issues. I am uploading the installer again to another location.
It would take another 40 mins to complete. I will send you another update soon when it will be available.


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Hi Annelize,

Please try to download the installer again from the following location:


Thanks and regards,

Thank you!
I was able to download and install the patch and the error with opening Tablespaces is fixed. :slight_smile:

Hi Annalize

Glad to hear your tablespace issue has been resolved in the patch.
Thankyou for the feedback!