Unable to script out user

Toad Beta
Oracle RDBMS 19.22
Logged in as SYS

When opening the "Script" tab on a user, Toad runs the following query against a view that does not exist. BTW, OJVM is not installed in this database.

select kind, grantee, type_schema, type_name, name, action, enabled, seq
from sys.dba_java_policy
where 1=1
and grantee = :OneObjectName
order by seq;
-- ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

Scripting a user in 17.1 does not query this view.

As a sanity check...

select * from all_objects where object_name = 'DBA_JAVA_POLICY'
no rows selected.

Oops, there was some change to error handling for that SQL in beta. I must have made a mistake there. I'll fix.

Uncheck here and we won't run that query.


  • This will also exclude object privileges granted to the user.


Thanks for the quick reply. We will continue to use 17.1 to extract user scripts until it has been fixed in the beta. We need the associated grants included in the script, so unselecting that option in the beta is not a viable workaround.


Sorry about that. It'll be fixed next beta.