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Unchecking "Remember my selection" sometimes forgets to not remember


In, when I drop a table from the SB, the confirmation popup has a “Remember my selection”.

– If the “Cascade constraints” and “Purge” items are checked as well as “Remember my selection”, it still remembers.
– If all three are checked and I uncheck all three, it still remembers, although it doesn’t seem like it should, as “Remember” is unchecked.
– If all three are unchecked, and I check the first two (w/o “Remember”), it properly doesn’t remember.

Super minor issue. Or is that “sub-minor”? Itty bitty, then. Or perhaps it’s me. I do that sometimes.



Hey Rich,

It looks like when you uncheck that box, it just stops remembering new things, but continues to remember the last thing it learned when the box was checked. I’ll fix.



hm, my first reply was kind of a shot from the hip, and wrong.

It turns out, that it only remembers stuff (the “remember box” and if “remember” is checked, the other checkboxes too) when you click OK and actually drop a table. If you just click Cancel, we don’t do anything with any of those checkbox states…it’s like you never even opened the dialog.