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Undoing "Do Not Show Again"

When selecting a results set and copying, a dialog box pops up giving you the option to either copy the headers, do not copy the headers, etc. It also gives you the option to not show the box again by selecting “Do Not Show This Box Again” or something like that.

Several weeks ago I clicked this box, but am now wanting it to pop up again. How can I do this, if at all?

Thank you

In options go the Confirmation tab under Environment. Press the Clear Ignored Confirmation button. That will reset all of them.

You can reset individual ones by looking for them in the output window. There is an enable/disable link when they are supressed. But I find using the options page easier.


Thanks Debbie!

I could not find the correct setting, but I was able to resove the issue by going to Settings > Options and then resetting everythiing o default.