Update data on grid via ODBC

Hi Every one,
I’m using Toad Data Analyst to connect to our DB2 AS/400 via ODBC, I want to update a field on the grid, I changed the grid to define custom statements to edit, (update Command), my update failed, I get Database Error (Version must be original, current, or proposed.

Any help on this subject

Can I get the name and version number of the ODBC driver that you are using to connect? Thanks.

Here is the version name: iSeries Access ODBC driver
company : IBM
File # CWBODBC.dll
Our version AS/400 : V5R3M0


Sorry for the delay. I was able to isolate this issue and fix it. Look for it in the next beta. Thanks.

Thanks for your reply,
I installed the beta 2.5, and it’s the same problem, I can delete a line on the grid but I can’t update one.

The current beta does not have the fix. It will however be in the next one.

Thanks MichaelG for your reply…

Hi MichelG,
I did the install of beta, and it working fine.
The update via ODBC is working, I did a couple of tests and I didn’t get an error message, except If I’ll write data direct onto the grid without override or blank out the old value, I’ll get this kind of warning:
[IBM][iSeries Access ODBC Driver] Colum4: CWB0111 - A Buffer passed to a system call is too small to hold return data. Do you want to keep your changes?
I think is the blank triming
i.e: in my table I have a field name : ALPH with varchar(40), the value is : TEST
If I’ll not blank out the value and start writing from the left or right ex. TEST123, and cursor down, I’ll receive the warning message, but If I’ll blank out the value and write again : TEST123, it will be correct, no warning.

Hope that will help
M. Akkak