Update the Feature Comparison List

Would someone at Quest, please, update the Feature Comparison List? The list is based on version 9.7 and dated May, 2008. The items identified in the comparison may not have changed much but 9.7 is a long way from the current version of 10.5.

The URL for the comparison is http://www.quest.com/Quest_Site_Assets/Documents/Toad_Oracle_97_FunctionalMatrix.pdf

There is a link to this page at http://www.toadsoft.com/feats.html.

Thank you

I am on TOAD

I think I am ready to install the new version.

Is there anything I need to be aware of?

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I don’t know if this will help Ray, but this does a breakdown of the
different editions.

acip.vcf (298 Bytes)


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Hi Ray,

The updated Feature Comparison is attached. We are working on updating the link
on Quest.com, which should be fixed shortly. BTW, the old 9.7 matrix will
probably still be on the website, but if you search for the 10.5 matrix
you’ll be able to find it.