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using files with more than one dot in the filename in Toad for SQL Server

Hi - Are there any problems with using files in Toad for SQL Server that have more than one period in the filename? For example, I’m considering using a file naming convention of Schema.ObjectName.sql for the files used in Toad. The reason is that some objects need the schema name to make them unique. For example, these trigger objects have the same name but reside in different schema: Sales.trRecalculateData and Orders.trRecalculateData. If there are no issues with having more than one dot in a file name, I would name their files that’re used for editing in Toad/committing to database etc. the following: Sales.trRecalculateData.sql and Orders.trRecalculateData.sql

we do not aware of any such kind of limitations. For sure you can try and see what’s happens.
Please report if any.