I am using TOAD to create a package that calls a web service. I copied the utl_http.set_wallet but not sure how to tailor to my web service call. Our oracle DM admin created a new access control list entry. See the DBMS code below. I do not know what to do with what he provided.

Looking at someone else's set wallet they have for their web service this:

UTL_HTTP.SET_WALLET ('file:/ora00/app/oracle/certificate',null);

acl => ' xm goes here',
description=> Nurse Phone interface',
principal=> 'HOURS',
is_grant=> TRUE,
privilege=> 'connect',
start_date=> NULL,
end_date=> NULL);

acl=> ' .xml file name here',
host=> 'api.maui',
lower_port=> 447,
upper_port=> 447);

You might want to discuss with your web admin what you're trying to accomplish... web service calls are typically outside the scope of what Toad for Oracle does... Your DB Admin provided you with a way to define your access controls via Oracle, but your web service calls might likely stem from a different source.

That said, here's a quick link that describes the DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN package, whose routines administer the access control lists... note that the Create_ACL method might be deprecated depending on your version of Oracle. There's also some nice examples listed in the doc below...


Thank you very much for your quick response. I did get past the ACL network error. Now I get a TNS no listener error. Working through this too.

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Typically means that the Listener process is not up and running for the Oracle database, or the database is shut down....but your DBA can help you with all that... :slight_smile:

When he created a new ACL list he mentions port 443. Do I need a new TNS entry into my tnanames.ora for this port as one does not exist in it today.


You'll definitely need to collaborate with your web and DB admins... port 443 is the communication port to/from your HTTP server on the web side (guessing here) so whatever database request your web server is building will need to use the appropriate communication port for Oracle (typically port 1521 is the default, but the admin could have set it to something different).

Again, not something we can help you with here on the Toad forum... but your admins should know these port numbers and communication protocols and assist you with setting up the proper TNS entries in the TNSnames.ora file.