Cannot connect to Oracle using TCPS

Our company recently upgraded an Oracle server to use TCPS and a connection I was able to make using Toad is no longer working.

The server changed so we had to update the connection string and import/install 2 certificates using the command line. This worked.

There's a user guide available to explain how to make this work in both DBVisualizer and SQL Developer, but sadly not for Toad. In the SQL Dev guide, it tells to edit the sqldeveloper.conf file and add a few entries of the type "AddVMOption". Then the connection to Oracle is made using the "Custom JDBC" option.

I don't see anything equivalent in Toad, and when I try to login, I get "ORA-28759: failure to open file" error. Any ideas ?

Hi Daniel,

Do you have an Oracle wallet for this DB?

If you only use this one wallet, you can specify it in your SQLNET.ora file like this:

(Using your own wallet location, of course)

   (SOURCE =
     (METHOD = FILE)
       (DIRECTORY = C:\Oracle\wallet_azure_21c)

If you have multiple wallets and need to use one or or the other depending on where you are connecting, AND you have a 19c or newer Oracle client, you can specify it in tnsnames.ora like this:

    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCPS)(HOST = 123.456.78.90)(PORT = 2484))
      (MY_WALLET_DIRECTORY = "C:\Oracle\wallet_orcl21c")

Bottom line - if you configure your Oracle Client so that SQL*Plus can connect, then Toad will also be able to connect. Toad and SQL Plus use a similar connection protocol. SQL Developer is different.