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VCS cannot remove files from toad


I have an issue with the toad VCS view
I want to synchronize with VCS documentation
when adding out of toad project files, I can then see them in VCS but to actually load them locally I do not find any other option than openning in toad.... even excel but of course toad cannot read them ... in the end they are loaded

But when I want to delete or rename , it does not work, the file stays visible in toad even if I delete from de source control (TFS) or locally

With visual studio, I could synchronize the local folder with the VCS server but I cannot find a similar function in Toad

Could you give me some advice on this topic ?


Hi Charline,

I'm not quite following what you're trying to accomplish. The VCS Browser within Toad should be showing all objects that reside in the version control system; however, it's not meant to be a full VCS client and control the objects in the VCS. So trying to rename or delete objects from the VCS Browser won't rename or delete them inside the VCS.

Are you trying to use Excel to open controlled database objects? Or can you give a bit more information about what you're trying to accomplish? What do you mean by synchronize with VCS documentation?



Hi John,

you explained to me in a previous post how to add files that ere not managed into de projetct code from toad (scheduled job codes).
This works fine as long as I add new files .
But when I try to either rename or delete from the VCS system, Toad is not updating
I tried to create a new folder from VCS and it showed in Toad VCS screen
But when I delete or rename, the old one shows still up and of course when I try to use it in Toad it fails


Hi Charline,

Team Coding won't rename or delete objects if they've been renamed or deleted in the VCS backend. The VCS tab of the Team Coding Manager should reflect any changes or deletions in the VCS provider, but it won't automatically remove or rename database objects as a result you changing them in the VCS.

Team Coding is not designed to be a VCS client. It's designed to provide change control within the database and optionally allow simple versioning of those database objects in a VCS provider. As a result, the database and the objects controlled by your team project settings are original collection of objects and files that are managed.

Team Coding does have the option to prompt you if the DDL source between the database and the VCS are different so that you can view and/or merge those changes as needed. Any source files you add manually, however, like the Scheduled Jobs code, would need to be managed manually by the user.

Team Coding does give you some synchronization capabilities for controlled database objects from the Team Coding Configuration window. You can perform the following tasks:

  • Create a new revision for your controlled database objects in the VCS
  • Recompile your controlled database objects based on the source in the VCS

In both situations, only objects controlled by your Team Projects will be affected. As a result, things like Scheduled Jobs, etc which aren't controlled by Team Coding, won't be synchronized. Also, in the latter option, only objects currently in the database will be recompiled. The reason for this is because some users also store old objects in their VCS for historical and archival purposes. Recompiling objects found in the VCS that don't exist in the DB could easily adversely affect the database code functionality.

I'm still not quite following what you're trying to delete or rename, and where you're trying to do that which results in it still showing in Toad under the old name. Perhaps you could clarify this a bit more?

I hope this helps provide some answers to your questions. If you have any others, please feel free to ask.



Hi John first of all I want to tell you how much I appreciate working with this team project solution.
I use Taod for many years now and have always felt it is one of the best tools to develop sql code.

I try probably to do something that is not foreseen, I agree.

Let's take the example of the Schedule script I have saved manually to CVS
If I want to rename or remove this file, then I need to do it from the VCS.
But this filename won't disapear from the toad VCS view. If I understand your previour request I should create a revision? Sorry but I am just starting using VCS and I don't really understand all these terms.
This is the only problem, I guess and I understand you cannot document the VCS solution itself as this happens outside of toad. But would it be possible to allow rename or delete or reload buttons in the VCS menu like it exists in visual studio ? As I said this would make the tool complete if we want to add documentation

However, the source codes for my procedures are now really safe, thank you very much.

Best regards

Hi Charline,

Thank you so much for the kind words! I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying using Toad for Oracle!

You're correct in that if you want to rename or remove the file, you'd need to do it from the VCS provider since Toad will reflect what's in the VCS source. If the file still shows up in the VCS tab of Toad's Team Coding Manager, you may need to press F5 to refresh Toad's VCS Browser tree.

If you wanted to change the name of a database object, or scheduled job, in your database, and also want that reflected in the VCS, the easiest thing to do would be to create the new object and then add it to the VCS. Once the new object is in the VCS, you can then delete the original object in the database. Some VCS providers (like TFS) support the ability to also delete objects in the VCS provider when they're deleted from the database; however, that option needs to be enabled in Team Coding's configuration window. If the VCS provider doesn't support that, you'd simply need to delete them using your VCS client.

Unfortunately, not all VCS providers support the capability to rename / delete files in the VCS provider. Since Toad is not meant to replace your VCS client, it's best to do these procedures using whatever VCS client you currently use.

I hope this helps to answer your questions. If you have any others, or there's anything else we can do, please feel free to let us know.