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Renaming a table that is under Team Coding control will not properly update the VCS


If I add a new table into Team coding and rename it, nothing will happen to the underlying VCS file. In my case, I am using Git and Toad 12.10.

I would expect that a rename of a table would rename the VCS file (or delete and add a new file) with the same name as the table. However, in my testing, nothing happened to the VCS file (it was left with the old file name and the old table name in the table definition). Also, the team coding object was left with the old name and no new team coding entry was created with the new table name.

It would seem that table renames are not supported (or not functional) within Team coding.

Has anyone seen this issue before? Is there a workaround for it?


Hey cdegeest,

Well, not all VCS providers support the capability of renaming files through their clients, but it is something I can definitely look into. GIt, and most newer ones, should. There’s currently no logic to handle changing the VCS when renaming a database object, and we wouldn’t want to rename it in the VCS through a delete and add command as that would destroy the VCS history. So, the best option would be to handle it in providers where a “move” or “rename” is supported.

I’ll look into this during this beta cycle and see what I can do.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!



I agree that a delete and re-add would not be ideal in the VCS and if possible a rename would be the best option. Git does have an option to rename (mv) files.

Appreciate the prompt response John.