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Vector based export format


Is there any hidden functionality to export a PDM diagram in a vector based graphics format? SVG would help or generating a PDF with vector graphic.
At least this is a feature request…

Are their any free third party tools that can convert the TXP PDM to another format in the meantime?



Hello Andreas,

Unfortunately, this feature is not available in TDM. CR # for this request is 55 429.





Is TXP a standard format, that other tools can read?


Hi Andreas,

TXP is not a standard format that can be read by other applications.

TXP files are standard XML file format files that can be transformed to SVG via XSL transformations. What information you would like to see in the SVG, please? To make a copy of what you see in workspace would require some time, but preparing simple diagram with entities and attributes and relationships - this might be doable in relatively short period of time.




The SVG should include the workspace content in the same layout, exactly like in PNG export, just scalable.



Ok, thank you. Unfortunately, this will take time because making the same visual output using XSL transformation would be too difficult. Export to vector format is on out ToDo list, however, I am not able to write you exact date or version when this will be available.

Have a nice day,