XSLT Reports: Why can not access the workspaces?


I want to access to objects in a workspace, because we have one workspace for every database change request.

Exists a workaround?



data related to graphics is not available in the simplified XML format. If you wish to get information about graphics, plase use *.TXP file in addition to the simplified XML.
You can generate XSD for TXP files via Tools | Generate XSD. This will generate XSD for the currently open TXP file. Note: TXP files don’t contain information about data types in readable form. That’s why if you wish to generate e.g. detailed report of entities and work also with “graphics” data, then you will have to do transformations of both TXP and simplified XML files and put the results somehow together. If you wish to generate report of ToDo items related to objects on particular workspace, TXP should be sufficient.

I hope it helps,