Why did you change how version control works in 6.0?

I upgraded to Toad 6.0, and to my dismay, the version control interface has been changed (I am using TFS 2010). It is now tied to a specific database. Why, what was the reason for doing this?

I manage all the stored procedures, functions, views etc. using scripts that are placed in sub-directories whose names sometimes don’t match exactly the names of the folders under the database folder in the object explorer (some developers may use directory names in their own languages while still using the English language in the app). I also manage manually the data structure changes in delta-scripts and I also have other ad-hoc scripts. Yes, and I already have lots of things that I managed in 2+ years in TFS. Before this change, when I opened a script, Toad knew it was under source control and I could check it out right in Toad. Not anymore.

Another scenario for you. There are systems that may have hundreds if not thousands of stored procedures (I’ve worked on one that had ~4,500 stored procedures). Those objects have to be organized in sub-folders otherwise they get out of control. Do you support sub-folders?

I just don’t understand how you come up with these “features”. I am a developer myself and I usually expect that new upgrades make things easier.

Please change the version control to work as it did before, or at least offer it as an alternative to the current options.