View Differences for all Objects of a certain Type

Is there a way to view the differences for all the tables in schema, or all stored procedures, or can I only do one object at a time? When we do a data refresh from Production to QA or Development we like to compare all the objects and see what’s different and extract the DDLs for anything we’re currently working on in Development. Right now the DBA can do this for the developers, but it would be nice to be able to do it for ourselves.

Unfortunately that functionality is not present in SQL Navigator
There was a time when a schema compare utility was in Beta stage in SQL Navigator but was since dropped.

Its present in some option bundle in TOAD.

There is also a free tool:

Hope it help you

I do not see this feature in SQL Navigator. TOAD has this feature in it. Go to menu Database - Compare - Schemas. You can then modify the options to what you need.