Where can I switch off extract Editionable for the compare and create script in new Toad

In the new Toad the editionable/noneditionable is part of the procedure/view script.
But there is no switch to exclude it from the script and from the compare.
ie. I have one schema / instance where is default editionable and other schema / instance where default is noneditionable. The content of the procedure/view is same.

  1. compare schema say it is different but the code is same
  2. when I apply the script to instance with different default setting the result is unusable. I must remove editionable / noneditionable manually from the whole script.
    Only usable way is to use old version of TOAD now.

Best regards
Břetislav Černík

Hello Břetislav,

We don't compare Editionable. We only compare source text. (So, everything after the word "Procedure"). What does schema compare say that the difference is in the "differs by" area?

If it is just whitespace or similar, can you solve this by setting these options?

If a difference is found and Toad has to create a script, it will include the word NONEDITIONABLE if the proc is noneditionable. EDITIONABLE is the default so we never give that keyword. There is no way to exclude NONEDITIONABLE but I can add an option for that.


Hi John. It is not correct.

Editionable is default only if the schema is not maintained by oracle.
If the schema is created as maintained by Oracle the default is noneditionable.


Thanks very much if you add the option.
Best regards.

I have added an option for this to the next beta, which will be released on Monday. You can get it here.