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Visualization feature - Grouping by Second does not work on a Datetime type Dimension


I have measurements that occur on the same day but different time (e.g. 18/8/16 2:20:53 AM and 18/8/16 2:20:54 AM). I am attempting to plot these 2 points into a graph using the Visualisation tool. I have set the Dimension Grouping to “Second” but I am getting only 1 point with the Average of the 2 measurements.


Which version of Toad do you use? Which DB type do you connect to? Which datatype is column you use for grouping?


I looked into this and found it was an issue with how we are configuring the graph. I have made QAT-8529 to resolve this.

Petr.Kaminsky, I am using Toad DataPoint to connect to an Oracle database. I’m using a DateTime datatype for Dimension

Any update on QAT-8529?

We have scheduled it for next release TDP 4.2.