TDA loses editor layout changes when moving between connections


If I have multiple editor tabs open on a connection, when I move to another connection, and then go back to the original connection, TDA “forgets” where I was on the original connection. I always start on the first tab. If I’ve reordered the tabs, they go back to the original order as well.

I’ve seen this behavior in v2.5.1 as well as the latest beta. Is there some way to get TDA to remember the state of the editor windows for each connection? If not, could I request that as a possible enhancement?

And on the subject of enhancements, there’s a minor feature for the one click export that I’d like to see, if possible. I’ve currently got it set to display the Save File dialog box. It would be nice if there was an option to allow the export to use the last save location rather than the default export location. I like how easy it is to export to excel with the one click feature. I just end up spending more time than I’d like navigating to the folders I need to save to.



Those are both good suggestions. I entered CRs 76876 and 76877 respectively.

You might want to turn off the ‘hide windows per connection’ option. You can change this if you use the custom part of the configuration wizard. This will keep all of your editor windows visible for all connections and seems to preserve the order better for you.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I like having my connections separated much more than I’m bothered by losing my place in the editor screens.

One last enhancement question: Is there a particular site specifically for requesting enhancements to TDA, or should I continue to drop them on the message board?

Just place your requests here. I am always happy to receive them.

I plan to do a review of the layout of our program for the 3.0 release. This would include items like the hide connections and hide groups (the buttons at the top), etc. So this topic was very interesting to me.

If you have more comments or ideas please let me know.