What happend to simple data export?

Hey all,

Used an old V7 at my last oracle job, and just started a new one and they have 10…quote a difference…

One thing I cant find in the new 10 is a simple way to export a list of records from a table…

In the old version, you could right click the table name, choose Export Data, and then enter in a where clause, and say where you want the data to go (clipboard or file) and it would generate Insert statements…

Cant seem to find that in 10, and the docs dont seem to be much help either…

Please tell me they didnt do-away with sucha useful feature, and that I just cant find it in the menus…


If you want to add a where clause, enter your query in the editor with the where

Right-click in the grid.

Chose “Export Dataset”

You can choose clipboard or many different kinds of files.

If you want to export multiple tables at once, right-click them from the schema
browser, then do “Export Dataset”

If you want to do it for a table w/o writing a query, use the Data Tab in the
Schema Browser, and apply a filter.

This was exactly what I was looking for, except for fact that when I click on the Dataset tab, I can see the query there, but it wont let me edit it…cant seem to change it in any way…

In the schema browser, On the toolbar above the grid, there’s a
“view/edit query” button. Click that and change the query there
before you do the export.

If you export from the editor, of course you can just change the query there
before you export.

The reason you can’t edit the query in the export data dialog is that you
are also allowed to multiselect rows in the grid before you export, and then
export only the selected rows. Re-executing the query with a different where
clause would mess that up.

However, if you go into the Automation Designer (look for the ‘gear and
pencil’ icon on the main toolbar), you can set up an “export
dataset” app, and change the query every time.


Thanks John…

Its not the ‘simple’ Right click and type a where clause of the older versions, but I guess it gets the job done…

Sometimes I guess developers try to add too much power for users and hinder the simpler way things get done…

Appreciate the help!