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When closing Toad or closing a window, do not present messages indicating 'connection lost'


Created on behalf of customer (SR#4109226)

Whenever TOAD has lost it's database connection and you try to close TOAD or close some of it's windows, you get all kinds of errors.  You get errors for each window you close.  This should not be.  Why would somebody care if a connection was lost when they are closing a program?  It can add up to 5 minutes time closing the windows one at a time clicking on the okay button of each error.  If a connect or related error occurs when closing TOAD or a window, it should quietly be ignored in the background.  No error message boxes, nothing. Just close.  Here are a couple of screenshots that display:


Sorry for the late reply.

I don’t see your screen shot, but this is a “no nag” type message. Just check the “don’t show me this again” checkbox if you don’t want to see it next time. If I am missing something, please let me know. Fee free to email me directly.