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When password is changed in TOAD, all open connections for that user should be refreshed with the new password, to avoid getting locked out

I'm the DBA and I have multiple rac databases I maintain.  For security, I have to change passwords quarterly.  The issue is I have open editors and schema browsers at the time I need to change my password.  The security policy is 2 tries and your out.  So after I change my password in the TOAD connections window, any open connections are still connected via the old password.  If I try to refresh connections , it is still using my old password, and inadvertently locks up my account.  My suggestion is, at the time a password is changed, all open connections for that user, should be refreshed, using the new password..

this would lead to rollback to involved sessions, and if you have "Apply Commit/rollback to all tabs" option enabled, then this cannot be performed.

changing password is not an action that is very frequent and do not find this interested or helpful option at all.

I'll try to be clearer.  I am not saying execute a refresh all sessions.  What I am saying is, the mechanism used to refresh connections has the username/password used originally to establish each connection.  I am saying that wherever that password is kept, it should be updated with the new password.  So that in the event I do need to refresh the connection, it will use the updated one for that user.

If you have checked option "Apply Commit/rollback to all tabs" then it is not possible to do either this option should be questionable.

next, change password is not so common option but you can change password in login window if it is in grace period. so this is the best option

Just because it is not a frequent occurrence, limits it's functionality to making the application a better one.  There are caveats to many of the changes already added to TOAD.