Bulk password change doesn't stick


My Connections are grouped by a custom column named "Group". Tried to change the password by selecting all rows within a group, then hit the "Edit Selected Login Records" on the connections toolbar and then entered the new password. Subsequently have noticed that not all of these records have the new password associated with them.

To complicate matters, some of these connections may have been active at the time they were changed and there was more than one instance of Toad running at the time. Perhaps the change was only made in one running instance and not the others? I have not bounced Toad since this change was made a couple of days ago.


I don't think grouping or having one of the connections active should prevent the new password from getting written to connections.xml, but depending on what you did in active connection, it may be possible that somehow the old password got re-written to the file. I don't have any specific example of how this could happen. I am only speculating.

There is definitely no communication to the "other" toads when you change passwords in one of them. The connections.xml file is read/written occasionally, so if you have multiple Toads running, the settings could be read by the other Toad, but they could also easily be overwritten by either Toad. If you are changing some setting and want to be sure it sticks, it's best to only have one Toad running.