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When switching between tables, views and stored procedures using different databases, the selected database will change to a previously used database (Object Explorer)

I am pulling my hair out!

Using SQL Server and navigating with the Object Explorer, I will often times switch databases, and then change between views and tables and stored procedures. Often times after I have changed a database, and then change from tables to views, the database will change back to one used previously in the Object Explorer. I believe there is a setting to prevent all of this unintended switching, but I can’t find it and/or it is not named intuitively enough for it to catch my eye.

Can someone help me with this?

I used to have the same problem but I changed one of the settings. Try this:

Go to Options --> Database --> General --> Uncheck all the check boxes in the “Open on New Connection” section.

Another useful option is to change your Object Explorer Display Mode to “Connection Tree List”, per the snap cap below.

This allows you to see at a glance which data sources TDP is connected to, and offers quick navigation between those sources.