Problem with Connections in Object Explorer portion of the Navigation Manager or SQL Editor

I am running Toad Data Point which I installed recently (without upgrading from Toad

I’m experiencing a problem with the Object Explorer portion of the Navigation Manager and the SQL Editor that I didn’t have with the prior version of Toad (

I’ll have various SQL Editors open to various Oracle 11 or SQL Server DBMSs and servers.
My Oracle connections are via TNS.
My SQL Server connections are via Windows Authentication.

When I first open a SQL Editor the connect is fine.

When I start switching between SQL Editor tabs (it doesn’t matter if it’s an Oracle or SQL Server connection), the schema or database that I originally connected to is “lost” in the Object Explorer – the “first” schema/database on that connection/server is displayed. For Oracle the actual SQL Editor tab stays connected correctly but for SQL Server it does not.

At some point I also get the error message: ‘The user does not have permission to perform this action’ if I attempt to open another SQL Server connection.