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When will Postgres 11 be supported?


I tried reverse engineering a Postgres 11 database, but it fails with an error during the selection of the objects to be retrieved: "column p.proisagg" does not exist. Which makes sense as that column was removed in Postgres 11 and replaced with the column "prokind" which was necessary to support the new stored procedures.

My current workaround is to disable the reverse engineering of functions in the definition of the connection because the "Reverse Engineering Wizard" will fail to load at all (no tables, no views) if loading of the functions/procedures fails.



At the moment, we are in the end of the release cycle, so it won't be in version 7.0. The plan for the next version is not finished yet. However, PostgreSQL is one of the priority databases, so it may be in version 7.1.




Please remember that Postgres 12 is due to be released in about 5-6 months - so please aim for 11 and 12 together, otherwise TDM 7.1 will again be one version behind.