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Where are Favorites saved?


I had a Toad for SQL Server 6.1 Trial on my old machine with tons of Favorites (I love the feature and use it extensively). I was then given a new laptop and Toad is now installed on it. I went to my old one so that I could export my favorites, but my third and last trial is expired and I cannot open Toad anymore.

Does anyone know where in the file system Favorites get saved so that I can bring that file over to my new PC or, at least, try to open it and get all the code from there?

Thank you in advance!


Yay? Nay?


Hello Ray,

Does this folder is what you want?

C:\Users\CurrentUser\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for SQL Server 6.1\Templates\Snippets\SQL (SQLServer)\Favorites