What happened to the "Favorites" in the Open/File dialogs in TOAD

What happened to the "Favorites" in the Open/File Dialogs in TOAD for Oracle I use it all the time. I still see it in the TOAD Options but it is not displaying in the Open/File Dialog. See print screens attached.


It would not allow a new user to put another print screen in the post. I was showing TOAD where the "Favorites" still exist.

You mean like below? I think this is more of a Windows issue and not a Toad one. Like you, I didn't see my Favorites folder in the Quick Access portion of my Win Explorer either, but I found it
--- (e.g. in C:\USERS<yourusername>)
and right-clicked on that Favorites folder to Pin-to-Quick-Access.
Not sure why it got dumped from the Quick Access section... Windows update maybe?

Not exactly Gary. This "Favorites" is a TOAD "construct" (to my knowledge and has been for years) : See print screen below form TOAD where the "Favorites" shows on the Open/File Dialog. This "RED BOXED" section is missing from the Open/File Dialog in TOAD 16.0 that I recently installed.

And these "TOAD Favorites" still show in the "TOAD Options" under Open/Save Dialogs, just not in the dialog itself.

The "ENCONDING" is also missing in the TOAD 16.0.x.x Open Dialog. It is there in the TOAD I really don't use that one but just pointing out another "option" that has seemed to disappear in TOAD 16.0.x.x.

See Save-As and Open Difference

Encoding was removed from the open dialog because it is detected automatically, so it is not needed. It's still there for Save dialogs.

Thanks JohnDorlon. It is better than nothing, but the "Toad for Favorites" does not list the "folder structure" like the old way. See in Print screen below that I have multiple "process" folders, but they are under may different "favorited" folders on different drives.

Hi Jeff,

Yeah, we are kind of at the mercy of Microsoft on that. I've tried to at least make a way to show the favorites with a mouse-over hint for full path, but as far as I can tell, that's not possible.

I'll take another look to make sure that I didn't miss anything.


I was wondering if there was a "mouse over hint" that may be available; bummer this is not as this seems a "miss" from Microsoft to me. Thanks for checking. I just need to click on each of the "process" and then I see the path in the top of the dialog to get to the correct one. I can live with that. I will "kind of" eventually remember which one is which as long as the "top to bottom order" stays relatively consistent in the preview pane. Thanks again.

They should stay in whatever order you put them in the options.