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Where are Formatting Rules in TOAD DP 5.0.7+

We have a toad data report (.tdr) that has formatting rules applied to certain fields.

i.e. If a value falls in a certain criteria, display x


When I go to create a new report, there is nowhere to create a new formatting rule. I have to create the report in an old version of toad, add the formatting rule and then open it in the new version of toad.

Was this functionality removed? Is there something that replaces it that I am unaware of?


As you may know, we use third-party components for some of Toad's capabilities, including report/chart designing features from DevExpress. For Toad DataPoint 4.3, it appears we used DevExpress Reports v. 17.x, but in later releases, we upgraded the DevExpress components to 18.x or later.

Just to confirm, yes, in Toad Data Point 4.3, I do see the Formatting Rules (pressing the smart tag for the report shows the formatting rules, per snap 1 below).

And, yes, in Toad Data Point 5.x, which uses newer versions of Dev Express Report Designer, I'm not seeing them, per snap 2 here.

It appears that Dev Express changed the way they do conditional formatting, switching from binding expressions on the data to some other method (Style sheets, perhaps?). We'll need our Development team to confirm how to do the equivalent of your formatting rules in the latest versions.

I would suggest opening a Support ticket, which is probably the fastest way to get to our Dev team, and will also help us document the resolution or work-around.

I can confirm it's not there anymore. It seems related to this question here:
Let me discuss with dev whether we can return this option to the Designer.

Thank you Dan. To Gary's point, do I need to put in a support ticket as well?


Hi, no need to. I've set up a defect TMB-2397 and we'll need to investigate if we can solve it.