Where are the Import Wizard and Expand/Collapse Nodes buttons (to add to bar directly)

I can’t find the Import Wizard and Expand/Collapse Nodes buttons to add to my button bar. I have the Import/Export button, but I am looknig for specifically the Import Wizard button. I know I had this on previous version of Toad but lost it after transitioning computers. See images for reference.



We recently changed Import / Export menu to have main toolbar button as Import Export Data and Import Wizard / Export Wizard as part of drop down menu. If you want to use just Import Wizard then you can navigate through the drop down. I am not sure what you mean by Collapse and Expand all nodes since we do not have those options applicable to the main toolbar. Hope this helps.

  1. I want to add a button for Import Wizard instead of navigating the drop down, which is a UI pain because the tiny sliver you have to click to get it to drop down. I only ever use the Import Wizard hence the need for a distinct button for it.

  2. I see there is no toolbar button for Collapse or Expand, that’s why I am asking if there is a way to add one to the toolbar. Is there a way?

Unfortunately, there is no way we can add only Import wizard button or expand / collapse button on the main toolbar. You can get to the import wizard from Menu options too. Tools -> Import Export Data -> Import Wizard if this helps.

The context menu of a selected object in object explorer has separate import and export wizard menu, it is handy to import to an existing table because we will automatically populate the destination table info. Hope it helps.