Toad Data Point Import/Export Wizard quit working

If I click on the Import option of the Import/Export window drop down, nothing happens. If I click on the Import/Export button I get the initial screen where I can enter my Data Source, choose Query Result , then Choose me export location and choose Datasource Table but then when I click Next, the window closes, I also can no longer open the existing Import Templates that had already been created. The data sources involved are MS SQL Server, Snowflake & Teradata. On a Windows 10 system.

Here is the entry from KnownExceptions.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="true"?>















I personally can't reproduce your issue on my TDP, same version as yours, unfortunately.

Some things to think about:

  • Not sure of your environment... e.g. Windows 7? 10/11.x? Accessing TDP on the desktop directly, or via RDP, or ?? These are questions Support would be asking.
  • It's also not clear where/how you are trying to initiate the Import/Export wizard... e.g. from the Tools main menu drop-down? From the Ribbon bar? From an Automation step?
  • I've seen it happen where it's possible that the panel when hitting NEXT might be hiding behind some other window or app
  • Can you use File-> Open to see if TDP still opens your Import files (presuming file of type .TIM) ?